RHRN Rear View Mirror Bump
RHRN Rear View Mirror Bump

RHRN Rear View Mirror Bump

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Driving is one of the places we most let our minds wander to the past or future, so we miss so many beautiful moments of now... not to mention the safety in being super present and aware of everything around you as you drive! This cute little RHRN bamboo bump will help to bring you back into the moment and remind you to be present as well as appreciate the world around you. 

Amber bamboo.

Features RHRN bump symbol with "RH-RN" lettering.

Laser engraved bamboo with rustic leather hanging cord and brass figure-8 clasp. Made in the USA.

Hang from your rear view mirror. Use figure-8 clasp to adjust to any length you want. While driving, keep your eyes on the road and view the bump in your peripheral vision, do not stare at it! When you first get into your car, let the bump remind you to take a breath and come back to Now before starting your car. 

Height 3" x Width 1.75" x Depth 1/16".

0.2 oz.

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